Saturday, 7 February 2009

Snow leaves hundreds without electricity for up to 24 hours

UP to 1,000 homes and businesses in the Wiveliscombe area were without electricity today because power cables had been brought down by the snow.
Western Power Distribution warned the difficult weather conditions could mean it would take all day before all repairs were fully carried out.
A spokesman said engineers were working flat out to reach the trouble spots and restore power as quickly as possible, and the company had even drafted in staff from other areas to help.
The power cuts followed on from the loss of electricity yesterday to hundreds of properties in Bishops Lydeard and the Roadwater area.
Across Somerset, the power company dealt with 500 incidents affecting 15,000 people yesterday, while today it was aware of about 100 incidents.
Elsewhere in West Somerset, the big freeze which followed yesterday’s heavy snowfalls turned many road into icerinks.
Near Williton, even a 4x4 vehicle found the conditions too treacherous and overturned on the A358 between Crowcombe and Bicknoller.
Earlier in the day, the road had been blocked by the snow at Flaxpool Hill.
Exford resident Jacquie Stares, aged 58, told the BBC she had two feet of snow in her front garden, although it was ‘thawing fas’.
She said: “It is so deep that it is going to take some time to thaw, but it is on its way.
“The village shop has been rationing supplies but everybody around here has been sensible and has stocked up on items like bread and Calor gas, just in case.”

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