Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Shoot owners and opponents set for parish council 'showdown'

A ‘SHOWDOWN’ which had been anticipated tomorrow between residents of Chipstable and the owners of a pheasant shoot has been delayed because of bad weather.
Both sides were due to put their viewpoint to parish councillors holding their bi-monthly monthly meeting in Waterrow Village Hall (pictured).
However, with the heavy snowfalls of the past 48 hours and more forecast, the council has now postponed the meeting until Tuesday, February 10.
The meeting, to be chaired by Councillor David Grandfield, will start at 7.30 pm and anybody is entitled to attend.
Residents have been angered and become upset in recent months because they claim the Chipstable shoot has been responsible for bringing down telephone lines resulting in some properties being left without a service for up to four days.
However, the shoot has refused to take any responsibility for the problem or make an offer to pay towards the damage.
Residents have also complained that local roads were frequently blocked by the shoot and that horses and riders were frightened by the noise of the guns.
The complaints will be aired at the parish council meeting, when representatives of the shoot are expected to attend, after which councillors are likely decide on any appropriate action to take.
  • The council also has a vacancy for a parish tree warden and is urgently seeking volunteers to join its community Speedwatch team.
    The tree warden job would include consultation on tree felling and attending various seminars and information days.
    Training for the Speedwatch team is provided by Avon and Somerset Police and involves use of a mobile radar gun to spot speeding motorists and report them to the police.
  • Anybody interested in either role should contact the parish clerk, Sheila Newman by calling 01398 361346.

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