Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Shock as Somerset kebabs are labelled among unhealthiest in UK

DONER kebabs from Somerset have been found to be among the unhealthiest in the whole of the country.
Three of the top 10’ unhealthiest doner kebabs’ in the UK came from Somerset during a national food testing exercise.
Somerset County Council’s trading standards Team took part in the exercise, but it was not known if any of the kebabs tested were from West Somerset as the identities of the kebab houses remained confidential.
Despite the three kebabs in the top 10 being described as ‘small’, they had more calorie content than medium and large kebabs from other parts of the country.
The average kebab in Somerset was found to contain 124 per cent of the recommended daily in take of salt and 216 per cent of the recommended daily intake of saturated fats.
One of the offending ‘small’ Somerset kebabs contained 87 per cent of a woman’s recommended daily intake of calories.
It also contained 316 per cent of the recommended daily intake of saturated fats and 167 per cent of the recommended daily intake of salt.
Somerset trading standards group manager Howard Burnett said: “We carry out checks on many different food products to check their quality, content, and the correct labelling.
“It is important people know exactly what they are eating so they can make informed choices about enjoying a healthy and controlled diet.”
County council community safety portfolio holder Councillor Henry Hobhouse said: “The results of these checks are quite shocking.
“All the kebabs tested in Somerset were described as small, yet we had some of the worst results in the country.
“We will be working with the Local Authority Co-ordinators of Regulatory Services and Somerset businesses to develop guidance aimed at improving the labelling of products used by kebab producers so they are aware of what they are selling.”

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