Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Chance to have your say on future housing strategy

RESIDENTS of West Somerset are being invited to have their say on future housing needs across the district.
West Somerset Council will hold a public consultation in Minehead Methodist Church on Wednesday, February 4, between 9.30 am and 12.30 pm.
The council’s portfolio holder for housing, Councillor Kate Kravis said: “We are developing a new housing strategy and we want to make sure that it draws on the views of a wide range of people living in West Somerset.
“Residents have valuable knowledge on the reality of the local housing market and of their own housing needs.
“We are urging as many people as possible to speak to us, so we can ensure the views of people of all ages and backgrounds are taken into account during the development of the plan.”
The council hopes to explore what types of housing are needed, how it can extend the choice of housing available, and how it can help young people buy and rent homes.
It will also review how it can help local people keep their homes in good repair, help homeowners keep their homes through the recession, and look at the needs of the district’s older population.
Councillor Kravis said: “The council supports sustainable development across the district and we would like to encourage more eco-friendly initiatives so that future housing stock is not completely dependent on fossil fuels where this is possible and practical.
“We have already examined a lot of existing information and held discussions with a number of organisations involved with housing and related services.
“However, we value local residents’ knowledge and we would like to draw on their housing experience to make sure the housing strategy meets the needs of all people, and helps us to develop healthy sustainable communities.”

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