Tuesday, 20 January 2009

LETTERS: 'Thank you' for readers who helped Macmillan campaign for free cancer patient prescriptions

Dear Editor - After three years of campaigning we are delighted the Government has listened to us and abolished prescription charges for cancer patients from April 2009.
This was absolutely the right thing to do as cancer not only threatens your life, but can also make you poor.
Free prescriptions will transform the lives of thousands of people living with cancer who were struggling to pay for drugs.
All cancer patients are now entitled to apply for a five-year exemption certificate, which will entitle them to all their NHS prescriptions free of charge, not just those relating to cancer.
These certificates can be used from April 1.
This covers those who need prescriptions for the treatment for cancer, the effects of cancer, or the effects of cancer treatment.
The certificate can be renewed as many times as necessary.
To get your application form please visit your GP or oncology clinic.
And if you have already paid for an annual pre-payment certificate, you can get a refund for the months after April.
We simply could not have achieved this without your help, so thank you again to all those who helped Macmillan campaign effectively and make a huge difference to the lives of those living with cancer and those people it may affect in the future.
Gillian Lord
General manager
Macmillan Cancer Support

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