Saturday, 24 January 2009

Landlord John invites hunt to birthday breakfast after 40 years

A HUNT meet returned to the village of Kilve for the first time in 40 years to help pub landlord John Thompson celebrate his birthday.
Members of the West Somerset Vale Hunt were invited John and Nicky Thompson to have breakfast at The Hood Arms before riding out.
Dozens of villagers also turned up to join Mr Thompson, who was 61, in seeing off the hunt.
Hunt master Deb Cossey said: “It was lovely to see the great community support.
“Riding is a great tradition which some villages have lost, so it was good to bring it back to Kilve after so long.”
Mr Thompson said: “Everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and it was great to see so many people show their support.”
The West Somerset pack hunts on Tuesdays and Saturdays between the Quantock Hills and the Brendon Hills.
n Next week, John and Nicky Thompson will be travelling ‘Around the world with wine’ during an evening which celebrates eight of the world’s best wines.
Each wine will be savoured as a wine master gives an insight into the region, flavour and characteristics of each wine.
An appropriate food dish will accompany each glass.
The event is scheduled for Friday January, 30, at 7 pm and is limited to 50 guests with admission only by ticket at a cost of £45 per head.
More information is available by calling 01278 741210 or emailing

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