Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Exhibition shows how wars touched lives on Exmoor

A FASCINATING insight into two world wars told from the perspective of the ordinary people of Porlock will be revealed in an exhibition in the village hall.
The exhibition on November 15 and 16 unites local accounts with previously uncollated information to weave the story of what the wars actually meant to, and how they touched the lives of, local people.
Both British and German fighter planes crashed in the vicinity of Porlock during the Second World War, bringing tragedy as well as stories of survivors.
The experiences of those who left the sleepy Somerset village to fight in the front lines for their country, and those who stayed at home to help the war effort are beautifully documented in this major exhibition.
The role of local women in the war effort, how villagers dealt with the influx of troops who were billeted locally, the feelings of the conscientious objectors, and the wars viewed through the eyes of local and evacuated children make this hitherto unseen collection one of the most diverse, yet personal, accounts of war.
Newspaper reports, Army and Navy records, information about ranges and chemical warfare testing on Exmoor, are also part of the wealth of information built up over years by four local enthusiasts to tell poignant, true, and sometime tragic stories, as shown on the memorial to those who lost their lives.
Denise Sage, who manages Porlock Visitor Centre, said: “The amount of information and its detail is unprecedented in my experience.
“Because the accounts are so personal and vivid, it captures real feelings and insights into how a small village coped with the challenges and tragedies of war.”
The exhibition runs from 10 am to 4 pm on b oth days and the entrance fee is £2 for adults, with children free.
More information is available by contacting Porlock Visitor Centre on 01643 863150 or emailing porlockci@somerset.gov.uk.

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