Friday, 24 October 2008

Magna contractors signing up to online register

MOST of the 400-plus contractors used by Magna West Somerset Housing Association and its parent group have been encouraged to sign up to the Government’s register of pre-qualified construction suppliers.
Constructionline is a nationwide database which offers industry-wide recognition and credibility to its members.
Contractors who have worked for both housing associations in the past are being encouraged to sign up to the database, which is used nationally by many public and private sector clients including local authorities and housing associations such as Magna.
Many companies in the construction industry are finding it tough in the current economic climate, and being registered on a national database used by thousands of local and national customers could provide them with more opportunities for work and business.
Magna head of technical services, Mark Allan, said: “Every time we use a new contractor we have to undergo a lengthy process of checks (known as pre-qualification) before we can start working with them.
“Given that on many projects we are up against tight deadlines, it is much more efficient for us to use a central register where the relevant checks have already been undertaken.”
Magna technical and property services manager Tim Harper said: “We feel using the database will, in most cases, make us more efficient.
“In this business, time often means money and any savings will be of benefit to our customers.”

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