Thursday, 21 August 2008

Borat-style beachgoers to promote new online auction site

STAFF from a new internet-based auction business will be storming the beach and seafront in Minehead on Saturday in mad-kinis (bikinis) and mankinis.
The stunt will be in honour of all things MAD, to hand out free frisbees to sunbathers and visitors to the area.
Yes, that’s right - mankinis... think Sacha Baron Cohen, aka-Borat (pictured) in the lime green suit that has wedgied its way into people’s long term memories.
The site in question is, an online penny auction which allows consumers to buy new retail goods at well below their normal price.
To promote the website, officially launched this month, the MadBid team will be wandering around the beach front handing out frisbees and vouchers for 10 free bids on - valued at more than £10.
The site features premium retail products ranging from gadgets such as iPods, mobile phones, and laptops, to lifestyle products such as holidays and games consoles, often at a fraction of their retail cost.

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