Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Finally, a final decision on Vulcan Road on the way

THE future development of Minehead’s Vulcan Road car park could finally be decided next week, after months of back peddling by district councillors unable to face letting down the people who elected them.
Councillors will consider their preferred option for the future development of the site at their meeting on Wednesday – even though the authority previously formally agreed a supermarket scheme and other retail use two years ago.
Another round of public consultation recently revealed there was significant local support for a medium-sized supermarket to provide competition for similar outlets in the town and support for affordable housing.
There was little support for a large Tesco supermarket, mixed retail/industrial development, or an hotel.
In light of this, the report being presented to councillors next week recommends:
  • The site for development is restricted to Vulcan Road car park and the council’s Mart Road depot site
  • The ‘preferred option’ for elements of the development consist of a medium-sized supermarket, plus A1 retail and affordable housing
  • A future draft development agreement includes clauses that require:
  1. any viable scheme put forward by the developer to include proposals for linking the development site with the town centre
  2. any viable scheme to include proposals that minimise the environmental impact of both the design and subsequent operation of the finished development
  3. the limitation of A1 retail following the non-inclusion of a hotel as part of the preferred option
  4. any viable scheme put forward identifies the difference in the amount of capital receipt generated between units of rented affordable housing and shared equity affordable housing
Once members have decided their broad preferred option for the development of the site, work will begin on drafting a detailed development agreement which will go back to the council for consideration at a later date.

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