Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Rescue mission launched for snowbound Exmoor residents

RESIDENTS on Exmoor who remained cut off by heavy snow after almost a week were hoping to be rescued this evening.
The village of Upton (pictured), near Wimbleball Lake, saw nearly two feet of snow block roads and lanes, making them impassable.
The result was that a number of families living in remoter properties were unable to move from their homes.
One couple, Peter and Julie Bowker, who live nearly a mile from the village centre, resorted to calling the BBC today to highlight their predicament.
They said their cocker spaniel, Bramble, had broken a foot and needed to be taken to a veterinary surgery.
But they were snowbound in their home, which was about 1,000 feet above sea level and six miles even from the nearest shop.
Somerset County Council responded by saying it was sending a snow plough to the village and hoped to reach Mr and Mrs Bowker and other trapped families tonight.
Mr Bowker, aged 70, told the BBC the snow was so deep that only a tractor could reach them.
He said five other local families were also trapped in their homes by the snowfall.
Mr Bowker said: “I am looking out of my window and there is still no sign of the snow plough.
“We are hoping it is on its way.
“We live on the top of a hill and the snow has turned to thick ice and shows no sign of melting.
“The main road and the public highway are clear and most of the lanes in the area are clear but we are here and unable to get out.
“It all looks very beautiful but after a day or two you just want it to be cleared.
“Some friends took pity on us. They drove as far as they could and then donned skis and brought us some emergency provisions.”

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