Friday, 9 January 2009

Lock up village homes warning from police after spate of attempted burglaries

RESIDENTS of Nether Stowey were being warned to take extra precautions to secure their homes after a burglary and a series of attempted break-ins were discovered in the village.
The incidents all occurred during a single night and were thought to be the work of the same gang of thieves.
They all happened in the Banneson Road area during the early hours of yesterday.
Police are anxious to trace a group of men who were seen repeatedly driving along the road shortly before 5.30 am yesterday.
Their presence coincided with a break-in at one property, which the householder said had happened some time between 10.50 pm on Tuesday and 8.40 am yesterday.
The intruders searched cupboards and drawers, although it remained unclear whether anything had been taken.
During the same timeframe, several other properties were disturbed as somebody tried the locks on doors and windows after entering people’s gardens.
Police said although such incidents were rare, residents should be extra careful to ensure they secured their homes and kept any valuables out of sight.
Anybody with any information about the incidents should contact police by calling 0845 4567000 or using the confidential free Crimestoppers number 0800 555111.

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