Friday, 5 December 2008

Dulverton police team up with Devon and Cornwall officers to catch anti-social drivers

POLICE in Dulverton teamed up with their Devon and Cornwall colleagues in Bampton for a weekend of relentless activity to crack down on anti-social driving.
Operation Dodge was in response to a recent rise in reports of anti-social driving in and around the Dulverton, Tiverton, and Bampton areas.
The operation, which was carried out on Saturday and Sunday, November 22 and 23, focussed on anti-social driving, speeding, and drink drivers.
Officers gave advice to local motorists as well as using powers under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act.
Section 59 is an effecting tool for ensuring anybody driving without the expected care and attention can receive a warning notice which applies to both the driver and the vehicle and lasts for 12 months.
If, in this time, a second incident occurs - involving the driver or the vehicle - police will seize the vehicle and may prosecute the driver.
Dulverton Neighbourhood Police team Sgt Andy Whysall, said: “Operation Dodge was an excellent example of multi-agency working at its best.
“Avon and Somerset Constabulary joined forces with Devon and Cornwall to tackle the growing issue of anti-social driving across the border.
“We were able to collate and share valuable intelligence and together we hope that we were able to raise awareness of the consequences of committing driving-related offences.
“We would like to encourage local residents to continue to report any incidents of anti-social driving in their neighbourhood by calling their Safer Stronger neighbourhood policing team on 0845 456 7000.
“The message is clear - anybody driving in an anti-social manner in and around the Dulverton, Bampton, and Tiverton areas can expect to receive a fixed penalty notice or in some cases, their vehicle may be seized.”
  • Our photograph shows police stopping and talking to a car driver. Photo by Avon and Somerset Constabulary.

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