Monday, 17 November 2008

LETTERS: Factsheet gives tips to stop bullying in school toilets

Dear Editor - This year, November 17 to 21 has been designated as Anti-Bullying Week.
I am sure that many of your readers will be familiar with the issue of bullying in schools and the impact which it has on victims.
School toilets are recognised as a hotspot for bullies.
I have just written a free factsheet to help reduce bullying and anti-social behaviour in school washrooms.
Schools can improve pupil safety by designing out bullying in school toilets.
Among the top tips in the factsheet are:
  • School toilets should be arranged in small blocks and not in one large central unit
  • Toilets should not be put in at the end of dead-end corridors, but opposite classrooms and staff rooms to improve the way they are supervised
  • Visibility in toilets should be improved through the use of blurred glass cubicles
  • Hand-washing areas should be unisex and more visible from passing staff and prefects
  • When planning toilets, staff and pupils should be involved as much as possible
  • Follow the ‘Toilets in Schools’ guidelines issued by the Government agency ‘Partnerships for Schools’
  • New toilet facilities should meet the minimum requirements of the ‘Bog Standard Campaign’
  • Attractive, but highly durable anti-vandal sanitaryware should be used for all toilets and washrooms to reduce the long-term financial impact of vandalism
Entitled ‘Reducing the impact of bullying and anti-social behaviour in
school toilets and washrooms’, the factsheet can be obtained by
e-mailing Wallgate Limited at: or by writing to School Toilets Factsheet, Wallgate Limited, Crow Lane, Wilton, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 0HB.
Jean Donovan

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