Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Real-life 'Casualty' from Musgrove returns to TV for third series

STAFF in the accident and emergency department of Musgrove Park Hospital, in Taunton, are being featured for a third time in a fly-on-the-wall television documentary for ITV.
Award-winning film maker Andrew Brown has spent three months in the department, filming the real-life action of a modern NHS A&E department.
He said: “The first two series have been seen by over 500,000 people.
“These programmes show what A&E is really like - both sadder and happier than the television dramas.
“All life is here, and the programmes show the nature of the people and amazing range of conditions treated in an A&E department.
“The staff and patients were extremely welcoming and I am grateful for their help in making these films.”
Dr Paul Baines, a consultant in emergency medicine at Musgrove, said: “This is an excellent department and the staff do an astonishing job every single day.
“Andrew works very professionally and after a while staff almost forget he is here.
“Most patients are happy to be filmed and very happy with the results.
“I hope that these films help the public understand what a modern A&E service is like.”
The accident and emergency department at Musgrove sees about 1,000 patients a week.
The third series of ‘Emergency: Medics’ will be shown on ITV on Monday nights at 10.30 pm, starting next week on November 3.
Series one and two are currently being shown on satellite television on the Discovery Channel.
  • Our photograph shows Dr Paul Baines (left) with Andrew Brown. Photo submitted.

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