Wednesday, 15 October 2008

PROPERTY NEWS: Buy all of a new Minehead home for three-quarters of the price

BARRATT has unveiled an offer for anybody who wants to buy a new home in Minehead.
House hunters could pick-up the keys to a property on the new Clanville Grange development immediately, for just 75 per cent of the price.
Barratt would then pay the other 25 per cent through a deferred loan.
Some lenders will even accept Barratt’s 25 per cent share as the purchaser’s deposit - meaning they might not need a deposit of their own.
Barratt sales manager Louise Terry said: “This is a terrific offer, which can make a dramatic difference to the move-in price of a new home.
“Paying only a 75 per cent mortgage makes buying very affordable.
“And you may not have to find a deposit either.
“This is not shared ownership - it is your home, and you own 100 per cent of it, but you only pay 75 per cent of the purchase price now.
“There is no interest or rent to pay on the other 25 per cent for up to 10 years or until you sell the property, whichever is sooner.
“We can only offer it on selected plots for a limited period.
“We will operate on a first come, first served basis so I would advise anybody who wants to move to pick up the telephone or visit our website now.”
Homes currently available to move into for 75 per cent of the price at Barratt’s Clanville Grange include one and two-bedroom apartments from £125,000 to £191,950.
For further details call Clanville Grange, which is open daily from 11 am to 6 pm, on 01643 709738, or log on to
  • Our photographs show some of the recently completed Clanville Grange homes in Minehead (TOP) and a typical living room (BELOW). Photos submitted.

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