Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Medals presented to Marines who fought in Afghanistan

ROYAL Marines from 40 Commando will today be awarded their campaign medals following a six-month tour of Afghanistan’s Helmand Province on Operation Herrick 7.
The Commandos will take part in a ceremonial parade in front of hundreds of friends and family.
The parade will be followed by a barbeque for the families, and a number of displays which aim to show the conditions in which the Marines lived and the kinds of tasks they faced while deployed.
The Royal Marines from 40 Commando, based in Norton Manor Camp, worked alongside the Royal Marines of the Armoured Support Group and their colleagues from the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm as part of 52 Infantry Brigade.
Lt Col Stuart Birrell, Commanding Officer of 40 Commando, said: “This day for families is hugely important to us because without their support we simply could not do the job we do.
“It is their letters and parcels that keep us going when times are hard and we have missed them over these past months.
“Today, we have a chance to thank them, with the entire 40 Commando community invited to join us at Norton Manor Camp.”
40 Commando took on the responsibility for Battle Group North in Afghanistan’s
Helmand Province from September, 2007, until April of this year.
They operated from forward operating bases in the Gereshk and Sangin valleys during which they conducted numerous operations and were instrumental in the taking of Musa Q’ala.
Lt Col Birrell said: “The unit worked extremely hard in challenging conditions over a long period, so I am pleased that families have an opportunity to see the men presented with medals they richly deserve.”
After the parade, the Commandos go on a second period of post-operational leave before returning to duty in late June.
The Marines will also parade through Taunton on July 31, having been invited to exercise their Freedom of the Town.
  • Our photograph shows 40 Commando Royal Marines at Exeter Airport on their return home from duty in Afghanistan. Crown Copyright/MOD 2008.

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