Thursday, 27 March 2008

A jazzy case of village parking

A WOMAN driver caused quite a stir for a Wootton Courtenay couple yesterday (Wednesday) when her car reversed through a garden fence and became suspended over a seven-feet drop.
The drama happened when the motorist apparently mistook the driveway of Mike and Margaret Izaby-White’s home for a country lane.
After overcoming their initial amazement at the scene, the couple called the emergency services.
Mrs Izaby-White said: “I was in the utility room ironing, with the radio on, so I did not hear anything.
“I went into the dining room, where my husband was working on the computer, and he had not noticed either.
“We had the police, fire engine, and paramedics here, and we had the neighbours coming round for a look.
“Nobody had seen anything like it before. It was quite a bizarre morning.”
Mrs Izaby-White said it seemed there was something not right with the driver, as the woman simply sat in her Honda Jazz car for about two hours without attempting to leave.
She said the woman was eventually removed from the vehicle and handed to paramedics apparently unharmed.
As The Post went to press, police said they were waiting at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton, to speak to the driver.
Photo by Mike Izaby-White.

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