Friday, 21 March 2008

Funeral arrangements confirmed for Sir Arthur

THE funeral of Sir Arthur C Clarke will be held at the General Cemetery in Colombo tomorrow (Saturday), March 22, at 3.30 pm.
In keeping with Sir Arthur’s wishes, the entire funeral will be a low key, secular event with no religious rites, decorations or speeches.
However, both the funeral house and the funeral are open to the public.
“Sir Arthur did not wish to have any involvement by either British or Sri Lankan governments,” said his spokesman Nalaka Gunawardene.
“To that extent, there is nothing official about the funeral. But his friends, fans and admirers are free to pay their respects.
“We recognise that he was a public figure.
“Sir Arthur’s family deeply appreciates the very large number of condolence messages coming in from all over the world.
“These indicate the enormous respect and affection Sir Arthur inspired in so many people.”
The author’s remains now lie at his home at 25, Barnes Place, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka.
Since March 19, when Sir Arthur died aged 90, the family has politely declined many offers of banners and other forms of display of sympathy, as Sir Arthur asked not put up structures or decorations of any kind.
One exception is flowers, which are accepted.
In a signed letter left with his family and staff in mid-2007, Sir Arthur gave precise instructions for his funeral.
His final resting place is to be the family burial plot owned by his adopted Ekanayake family at the Colombo Cemetery.
Sir Arthur, who was born in Minehead, shared his Colombo house with Hector and Valerie Ekanayake, and their three daughters Cherene, Tamara and Melinda.
They will all be at the funeral.
Sir Arthur’s brother Fred Clarke has already arrived in Colombo, and sister Mary is due Friday night.
Sir Arthur Charles Clarke died at Colombo’s Apollo Hospital on March 19 early morning (Sri Lanka time) from respiratory complications.
He was also suffering from post-polio syndrome since the early 1990s, which confined him to a wheelchair for the past decade.
Photo of Sir Arthur by Shahidul Alam.

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  1. My sincere sympathies to the Clarke family and the Ekanayake family for their losses.
    May the memory of the man bless your lives with joyousness forever.


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