Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Kate is given job of keeping West Somerset people healthy

A DEDICATED portfolio for health and well-being has been created at West Somerset Council to reflect the importance of such issues in a district with the third-highest proportion of pensioners in the country.
The work has been separated from that of the housing portfolio holder who previously held responsibility for both roles.
Newly-elected Councillor Kate Kravis (pictured) has been given the cabinet job of covering health and well-being, while one of the longest-serving councillors, Councillor Peter Humber, retains his housing portfolio.
Council leader, Councillor Keith Ross, said: “This is another positive step towards delivering our community priorities.
“Councillor Humber has made very real progress in the area of housing, health, and welfare.
“However, he has expressed a wish to devote his considerable energy to strengthening existing partnerships and forging new ones to provide affordable housing and decent homes for local people in West Somerset.
“I respect his wishes and commend his commitment to this vital area of work.
“In order to maximise the benefits to our local residents, I have appointed the final seat on the cabinet to Councillor Kravis, who has agreed to become portfolio holder for health and well-being.
“It is an area that is critical to the current and future welfare of local people and communities.
“She has ability, determination, and vision and will be a real asset not only to implementing and promoting initiatives designed to improve the health and well-being of local people, but to the running of cabinet itself.”
Councillor Humber said: “Councillor Kravis and I will share what is a very wide-reaching portfolio in order to deliver the best service possible to local people.
“Housing is very close to my heart. I wish to concentrate on this area so I can help make real and positive differences in the provision of affordable housing for local people, the development of eco-friendly homes, and ensuring as many people as possible live in homes that meet the decent homes standard.”
Councillor Kravis, who represents Old Cleeve, said: “I am delighted to share the workload because I believe that the health and well-being of people is essential to the overall contentment and sustainability of our communities.
“We are lucky to still have close-knit, caring communities in West Somerset, and my aim is not only to ensure their well-being, but to also make sure that they are inclusive of everybody irrespective of age, ability, gender, background, or belief.
“We have developed strong partnerships to help improve conditions for local people and I intend to build on those foundations so that local people and communities get the best support available.”

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